IoT managed systems

We are manufacturers of hardware and software solutions to support
you in planning, designing and implementing your wireless network
Man using the Bus's Wi-Fi guest network, wich is possible through Wavecom IoT Managed Systems

Smart transportation Solutions

Specific gateways for Transport Operator, enabling hundreds of vehicles connected and centrally managed.

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IoT Gateways with multiple interfaces

Guarantees connectivity to either people, vehicles, machines, sensors or actuators, up to the application layer

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IoT Network Manager

The essential platform to connect
and manage thousands of
IoT devices anywhere.

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Man using Wavecom Guest Wi-Fi Authentication System

Wi-Fi hotspots authentication and intelligence

Need to implement an Authentication System over Wi-Fi GUEST networks?

A multi-tenant solution that provides a tailored Captive Portal

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SmartCounter Solution by Wavecom to People Counting
Smart counters
Avoid clusters and
get safer places

Supervise de access of people with
Real Time information of occupation rate, in/out flows and much more.

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